Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pics and planning for the shed area

It's so delightful to browse through these pics, everything is so brown and bare right now, these pics just make it so cheerful. While going through my pics around my shed I realized I didn't take as many as I had thought so hopefully this year I will be a little better about that.

This is an early summer photo (I know it's posted further down in the blog). This year I hope to get the little deck replaced before the flowers start poking through the ground too much so they don't get trampled on during the replacement.

I loved the tipsy pots but I think I'll try just three this year since the smallest pot was really hard to keep moist. Im not quite sure on the flowers this time but I think I want to change them up a bit. The little cone basket with the butterfly impatience in it did well so I will definately be doing that again. As for the fence table with the flower box I will do that differently since I was not pleased with the outcome last year. I haven't decided if I should use the fence again or mount the flowerbox under the window, I'm thinking of mounting it though to match the other two.

This side of the shed is really progressing & filling in nicely. I'll have to get my picket fence pieces painted before the flowers start coming up this year and I really shouldn't need to add any flowers in here.

I loved the geraniums in the window box, I can't remember if I had two or three but I think this year I will definately go with three. The million bells didn't do so great I think because I didn't keep it moist enough so I don't know if I'll do those again or not. It seems like there are some varieties that do great and some that don't. I also had a vine in the box that went to the ground, since the lilies grew up to the window I don't need a vine to fill in but some sort of foliage would be nice or maybe fill in with some white allysum. I love the pink and I think I'll be going with that again this year.

Another view of the side of the shed. It gets a little bare up closer to the front but Im hoping things fill in some more and spread that way instead of planting some more. I did plant 2 foxglove in the bare spots late in the year so we'll see if they come up again.
Here's the shade side of the shed. I loved the little purple butterly impatients and will definately do those again this year. Maybe there will be more colors available. The coleus also did very well I think this one was called mosaic, I'd have to double check, I love all the colors in it. I think instead of the begonia in the middle I'd rather do another impatient or something that trails a little more. Otherwise this basket looks good but Im hoping to do some pink rather than yellow & purple this year, we'll see what's available.

For some reason I don't have a pic of the flower bed on this side of the shed. It's complete though with some transplanted hostas, bleeding hearts and some astilibe I bought last year.

Thats it for this area. Going through these is really giving me the itch to get out and work in the yard and get everything ready for the planting season.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring is here!

I think :) One never knows with the WI weather. It's still kind of cool out 40's & 50's but Im sure those beautiful 60's & 70's are just around the corner and hopefully without one last snowfall.

I haven't had a chance to even venture out into the yard to see what's poking through the ground because I have been sick with bronchitis and I was lucky enough to have the flu 2 weekends ago too. Hopefully I'll get a chance to venture out this coming weekend to start some spring yard clean up.

I think it's time to start making notes for flower purchasing too so I can start budgeting that on the tight budget Im giving myself this year. I slacked off on my notes last summer so hopefully I'll be able to go back through my pics this spring to see what changes I want to make & what flowers I want to repeat this year.

Hopefully this week I'll get a chance to make those notes on here, it'd be nice to be ahead of the game :) I think the greenhouses will be open in under 3 weeks so I better get organized.