Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some Spring Cleanup

I have been really behind this year in the yard and I have come to the conclusion (actually I come to this conclusion this time every year) that I have a love/hate for our oak trees. We have a couple of them that I would really hate for us to lose but in the fall and spring I really don't like the mess they make. Every spring I have to clean out our landscape & it seems like there's about 10 trees worth of leaves in there it's crazy. Here's what I got raked out today. And I have decided I really need to get this done sooner because it was a pain to rake up with the shrubs all filled in.

It's such a pain to dispose of all the leaves we collect around here, plus it's hard to coordinate the leaf pick up with my dh. So I've decided to scout out a spot somewhere in the yard to start a decent size compost. Our mower is a mulcher so I'll just mow the leaves & bag them then dump them in the spot and wait for it to be compost then use that next year in the beds. We'll see how this goes.

While I was out raking today I saw this butterfly fluttering around and enjoying my phlox & he was nice enough to let me get his picture :)