Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Boring Stuff

I've been crazy busy figuring out my gardens, starting some new veggie beds and digging out my garden junk err art lol and shopping for all the fun garden stuff. I don't have any pics right now to share but I hope to get some taken soon. My perennials got hit with snow then hard frost over Mother's Day Weekend. The damage wasn't too bad but a couple inches of snow in May is not funny.

After my veggie containers last year I decided that I really enjoyed the harvest and wanted to really expand. With working full time and doing some part time teaching scrapping classes I really needed something low maintenance so my hubby built me 3 table top beds that I will be square foot gardening in. I'm pretty excited about getting stuff planted to watch grow. We got the dirt last weekend put in so they are ready to go. The one 4x4 bed is just for strawberries and I got that one all planted this last weekend too and I can not wait to go out there to pick some fresh strawberries.

I was thinking about cutting back on the flowers this year, I think I say that every year, but after hitting the greenhouses and going through old pictures I'm sure there will be no cut backs lol. I was a little disappointed when I went back to look at last years pictures to find I didn't really take any especially after things filled in so that is a goal of mine this year to get better pictures to reference.

That's all I have for now. I need to get my costs documented and maybe I'll get some pictures taken the next few days too. I also want to do a breakdown cost for the square foot garden beds for future reference.

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