Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some pics from around the yard this year. Here's my bike, love, love my bike. I think this is my fave thing in my yard.
My little bistro set in the front landscape with a teapot & some tea cup planters. We still need to add some new bark this year if we ever get some time from the rentals.
A little bench amongst some of our shrubs, barberry I think they are, with some gerber daisies (one of my faves) planted in a big tea cup pot
Some pink geraniums on the little fence table my dad made awhile back.
I got a shot of this little fella, he's living in that birdhouse.
I still need to tidy up around the shed, the birdhouse wasn't going to be there but since the birds have claimed it I guess it's staying, I didn't want the chair there either but they seem to like to perch on there.
These are just a few, I'll share more later like my square foot garden table top beds my hubby made for me this year.

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